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The Kachin State web site was initiated in 2003 with an ideal to share and expose   information about Kachin People around the world. The web site has attracted more than half Million visitors.   read more
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Kachins together with Shan, Naga and Burman achieved  Independence from British Colony but the taste of that meaning has never been experienced by Kachin People due to bigotry and oppression thereby Kachin Arm Struggle Started in 1961 to restore political self-determination. read more

KIO Sent Mediators to Nay-Pyi- Daw, Myanmar Capital) read more

Brigadier Sumlut Gun Maw becomes a new KIA's (Kachin Independence Army) Vice Chief of Staff after demise of Brigadier Hpung Gan Zau Nan  read more

KIO inconsistent with BGF instead trying for Kachin State Security Force (KSSF) read more

Kachin State  is located in Northern Myanmar. Kachin People are Nung, Rawang (sometimes written as Rewang), Zaiwa, Longvo (Maru is an old used term) , Lachid, Lisu and Jinghpaw  read more

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The SPDC Asked KIO to Drive Chinese Workers
KIO sent Mediators to Nay-Pyi-Daw, Myanmar Capital
Brigadier S. Gun Maw: a new KIA's Vice Chief of Staff
KIO Inconsistent with Border Guard Force (BGF)
KIO inconsistent with the BGF and sent mediators, two Brethens, to Nay Pyi Daw (a new Myanmar Capital read more

Kachin Forum World Wide has been established to share your ideals, feelings, suggestions concerning Kachin Join Now!
Our Fallen Leaders who have strived to gain self-determination in the history of Kachin Revolution.  read more

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